SBL Bio-Combination 23 Tablet is a homoeopathic medicine which provides effective relief from oral ailments such as toothache, bleeding and swelling of gums. Neuralgic pain or pain caused due to unnatural loosening of gums is also relieved using this remedy. It helps in strengthening teeth and provides relieves from pain and inflammation.

Key Ingredients:

Ferrum phosphoricum
Calcarea fluorica
Magnesia phosphorica

Key Benefits:

Helps in reducing swelling and bleeding in gums
Provides relief from neuralgic pain in teeth
Helps in the strengthening of teeth in socket
Helps in treating loosening of teeth and hard swelling of jaw
Effective in treating ulceration of teeth
It also provides relief from toothache caused due to sensitivity

Directions For Use

Adults should take 4 tablets four times a day and children should take 1-2 tablets four times a day or, as directed by the physician.

Safety Information:

Read the label carefully before use
Keep out of the reach of children
Use under medical supervision
Do not exceed the recommended dosage

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