Agnus Castus Pentarkan of Willmar Schwabe India contains four individual ingredients, which supplement each other in their respective sphere of action. All these ingredients have a balancing and regulating impact on the hormonal elements; so it helps in regulating the health. This medicine is also valuable in easing peculiar problems like getting extremely cold feet and palpitation, mental dullness and sadness that occur because of hormonal irregularity.

Agnus Castus Pentarkan is often prescribed for regulating the hormonal balance and easing other complaints related to it. It has a balancing impact on hormone-related problems.

In a vast number of women, these conditions are combined with shortcomings in other areas, such as evolving temperament, excruciatingly pain.

It is important to remember that the human body has two significant control frameworks, which permit specific tissues to work in a coordinated manner – the sensory system and the endocrine framework.

Furthermore, lifestyle habits also play an important role in keeping the higher centres liable for increase or decrease of hormones in check. So, it is highly advised not to resort to self-cure. It is always in your best interest if you get counselled by your physician.

Agnus Castus Pentarkan is generally taken by mouth for conditions identified with hormonal imbalance.

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